a.k.a Profile Glitch

2014 writer/performer, directed by Lisa Marie Patzer

a.k.a. Profile Glitch in an interactive narrative that investigates the impact of “networked publics” on the performance of identity in various social contexts. The project follows three characters: Marty, Maeve and Johanna, who originally meet at an intentional community. The unique emotional and physical dynamics of communal life creates an intense interpersonal experience. The women develop a deep and unlikely friendship that would not have transpired if it weren’t for the unusual social context of the intentional community. Eventually, Marty, Maeve and Johanna each decide to return to their respective cities and the dynamic of their relationship is altered. Marty begins a blog recounting her experiences at the commune. The online narrative begins when Johanna and Maeve discover the blog and confront Marty. The conflict between the characters highlights issues of self-identity and representation. To view the online interactive narrative, click here: INTERACTIVE NARRATIVE